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Within the framework of REACH WP3 (research capacity building: training on the job) from November 8 to 11 was held in Urbino a training for Albanian University staff members involved in the project: Universiteti I Arteve di Tirana; Universiteti Politeknik I Tirane, University of Shkodra Luigj Gurakuqi, and Akademia e Studimeve Albanologike.

From 8 to 9 November, the training focused on the restorer’s work method and on the figures of the restorer’s collaborators with a series of theoretical lessons on the activities of non-invasive diagnostic, chemical analysis and diagnostic instrumentation for restoration and conservation that are carried out within the restoration laboratories.

Theoretical lessons were followed by practical workshop .

A study day in Monte San Pietrangeli, on 10th November aimed at sharing with the Albanian partners the experience of the restoration of the panel painting Madonna col Bambino, Santi e Apostoli (XVI Century) and the idea of an open laboratory for community.

Diagnostic investigations for the construction site and the issues of digital documentation and conservative monitoring were also presented.

On 11 November, Prof. Baratin presented the session on training for Conservation and Restoration in international contexts introducing the experience of ISBAS, the restoration schools in Tunisia, the TEMPUS INFOBC project, the school of restoration at the USEK (a private non-profit institution in Lebanon). The Collaboration with the National Gallery of the Marche Region and the research and restoration work carried out for the works of Renaissance painter Giovanni Santi were also showcased.

Practical experience were presented: the restoration of a canvas by Mattia Preti (an Italian Baroque artist), of the Portico of Church San Francesco in Urbino and the restoration work on iron-carbon and copper-zinc bond in scientific instruments of Historical interest.

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