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Local Dissemination Activity: 11th November, 16.30 in Ravenna and on Zoom platform

Dissemination of project activities is a crucial part of every local and international project.

Dissemination refers to a set of actions aimed at spreading results, outputs, and especially information, widely. It means, reaches a community of stakeholders outside the consortium of partners, that can benefit from the project results, and use the output produced.

For that reason designing a good communication strategy and a good communication plan with a set of the right tools are important keys for the success of the project outputs.

The Reach project has ambitious objectives and outcomes, and its communication strategy has not been underestimated.

Creating the opportunities to involve diverse communities of experts, researchers, students, and professionals is one of the most important and difficult actions of the EU projects.

The University of Bologna, with the Department of Cultural Heritage, has the opportunity to participate in the Research Seminars of the Department presenting, the Reach Project.
The Reach project will be presented under the capacity-building process point of view investigating how this practice can influence the cultural heritage. These are the starting points of a two-part intervention, which will compare experiences and adaptive solutions on a local and international scale with a common goal: to build and transfer skills in terms of conservation, management, and enhancement of cultural heritage.

New perspectives for the cultural heritage: strategic project and adaptive solutions” is the official title of the speech that will be held in Ravenna, in the Italian language and accessible also by remote.
Here is the information to join the meeting using zoom platfome.

For online participation:
connect to the Zoom platform ( with the following coordinates:
ID: 957 0434 0089
Password: 896022