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Mobility opportunities are back and,
Reach partners are ready to plan the training parts connected to the restoration labs in Italy and Spain

Reach project activities started at the beginning of 2020, few months later the entire world and especially Europe faced social isolation and lockdown due to the Covid19 emergency.

The consortium of partners agreed to not lose the opportunity of the project and we used creativity and our commitment in the project In re-design the process of the project into remote learning opportunities.

Since a sort of “normality” seems to go back to our personal and professional life, the project team is now preparing the activities and training parts that could not be translated into webinars.

Two preparatory meetings took place in the past few days, to conclude the WP4- with the training activities that were postponed. Our ambition is to organize and realized the training of Albanian researchers in Italy and Spain at the diverse laboratories by the end of 2021 and the initial month of 2022 to precede with the next steps of the project and WPS implementations.