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Archaeological conservation: restoration related to archaeological materials, finds, sites and techniques

The second steps of Reach Capacity Building is dedicated to archaeological conservation was held by the Escola Superior de Conservación e Restauración de Bens Culturais de Galicia

During the six days of acativities that took place between the 19 and 28 april 2021 ​the participants will have the chance to understand the complex procedures contected to the archaeological conservation.

This module is an introduction of theoretical approach to archaeological conservation-restoration, which means: conservation-restoration related to archaeological materials, finds, sites and techniques, a peculiar and special approach to conservation-restoration.

The general aim of the module was to give some hints about the archaeological conservation, therefore it is a muldiscipilinary module.

The firs step was focused on a first introduction on the archaeological conservation tecniques and how it is relates to the traditioanal archaeology. In particular including active and preventive conservation have been presented in details.

Subsequently a lab virtual tour gave the opportunity to albanian researchers to see the equipments and understand concepts about finds conservation, in particular organic materials, ceramics, glass and metals.

Last lesson had the ambition to summarize an extremely complex job: conservation for sites and their construction materials.