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Ready… Difficult times require creative and collaborative solutions

Despite the difficult times, we are all living in, the commitment to the Reach project is high.

The meeting addressed the implementation activities of the project and the management activities, agreement, and shared rules of the partnership.

All the project phases have been taken into consideration: Preparation, Development, Communication, and Management.

In particular, the activities concerning the first step of the project, the need analysis have been presented and analyzed to identified suitable solutions.

The meeting was also an opportunity to present and discussed the communication plan of the project. Proposals of logos and visual identities have been presented and discussed, the structure of the website has been introduced and the structure of the communication training courses have been presented.


REACH | 1st Steering Committee meeting


Presentation of support materials for partners

Discussion on the activities to be started for the implementation of WPs1:

(Preparations: need analysis), 2 (Development: equipment purchases and laboratories set up), 7 (Dissemination and Exploitation), 5 (Structural measures). Issues to be addressed:

  • WP1: presentation of the questionnaires for the need analysis for their approval by the SC (in case of approval, the questionnaires will be sent to all Albanian HEIs partners and sent back by the end of June for data collection, analysis, and reporting.
  • WP2: discussion on how to start the implementation of WP2, with particular reference to the preparation of the detailed list of instruments to be purchased and evaluation of the administrative and financial aspects connected with the completion of the purchase procedures.
  • WP7: proposal of the logo to be chosen for the project; proposal of the Communication Plan; discussion on the possibility of carrying out part of the training course on communication in webinar mode in September / October, as proposed by the Fondazione Flaminia.
  • WP5: discussion on the activities to be started following the KoM, with particular reference to the collection of documentation on Albanian legislation on cultural heritage and restoration.
  • WP8: tentative re-scheduling of project meetings; Partnership Agreements presentation and discussion