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Difficult times require creative solutions, the full-time “Communication and Dissemination training Course” is now an online webinar.

Combining technology, creativity and the use of new technologies opportunities we have obtained four webinars dedicated to co-design the REACHcommuniation project strategy.

Starting from Thursday 5th, every Thursday of November we will be on the Zoom platform to explore the four steps of the Reach communication plan.


Reach dissemination and communication training course:

The training course is aimed at increasing awareness among the participants about the importance of communication and dissemination activities as a process that involves all the activities and partners of the Reach project.

The course will introduce the participants to the main paradigm, steps, and tools that compose the communication strategy plan of the Reach project.

The exercises and practical activities will actively involve the participants in the definition of the contents of the Reach communication and dissemination plan.



Why is communication important?

This first module will introduce the participants to the definitions of communication and dissemination activities. During this first workshop, the main communication approaches and tools will be presented and the structure of the Reach strategy plan will be introduced.

The definition of the target group will be introduced, and the participants will start to complete the personas.

when: 5/11/2020

Duration: 1h,30

Zoom platform- Meeting

Trainer: Elisa Bonaccorso- Fondazione Flaminia Innovation Center

2nd Module: Communication and Social Media

what goes beyond the post?

This second module is dedicated to the social media communication strategy.

Participants will increase knowledge about the potential of social media as a tool to support the creation of the Reach community.

strategy, editorial plan, photo, content creations will be presented as activities that will spread the project objectives and result outside the project consortium.

when: 12/11/2020

Duration:  1,h30

where: Zoom Platform- Meeting

Trainer: Chiara Parollo -Social Media Manager @ Les Bompart

3rd Module: Visual Identity- why is it important?

This third module is dedicated to present the Reach visual Identity system, its structure, and its implementations.

The participants will improve their skills and knowledge about the visual identity design process and its applications.

When: 19/11/2020

Where: Zoom Platform- meeting

Duration: 1h30’

Trainer: Emilio Macchia- graphic designer

4th Module: Press officer and release

Why is it important?

This last module is dedicated to the press officer activities. Participants will understand the importance to plan and organize activities connected to the press office and its connections with social media activities.

When: 26/11/2020

Where: Zoom Platform- meeting

Duration: 1h30’

Trainer: Chiara Brandi- professional Journalist 

At the end of this last module, the complete Reach communications and dissemination activities will be presented and discussed with the participants.

As a result of the training course the two operational project documents have been finalized:

Reach communication MANUAL and Reach Communication PLAN

Download area:

Cover photo by Vlada Karpovich da Pexels