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At the presence of REACH project coordinator Pjeter Guralumi, and the two Scientific Directors Prof Asoc. Dr. Belisa Muka from ASA and Dr. Aurora Dibra from UNISHK, students were awarded their certificate of attendance by the Albanian, Italian and Spanish lecturers who have accompanied them in this training path: Fjoralba Perzhita (ASA), Francesca Gasparetto (UNIBO), Pablo Porral from ESCRBBCC, Mikel Temo (UART), Eni Masha (UPT).

A special thank to Flaminia Foundation staff supporting in the day-to-day operationals and communications for this 2 long and intense weeks.

The closing day of REACH International Summer School was organised in conjunction with the last of the ERASMUS DAYS 2023.

ISS Closing Day from REACH Project Facebook Page