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REACH International Summer School First stop is the archaeological site of Apollonia.
Students were accompanied by the two Directors of the School, Prof. Belisa Muka from ASA and Prof. Aurora Dibra from UNISHK, with the support of Ornela Durmishaj – Director of the Archaeological Parks of Apollonia and Bylis and by Dr. Brikena Shkodra Rrugia and Dr. Sabina Veseli from ASA.


Study visit to Apollonia beautiful Church accompanied by Admir Xhelas – Head of the Museum at the Monastery who talked about practices for the recovery and maintenance of frescoes and finds.

Students also followed interventions on the effects of climate change on Cultural Heritage by Prof. Aurora Dibra from the University of Shkodra, and a general introduction about Preventive Conservation, Storing, Documentation. techniques and Scientific Methods for analyzing archaeological finds by Msc. Fjoralba Perzhita from ASA.

Local TV interviewed both teachers and students