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Applied Materials Science to cultural heritage: introduction and virtual Lab tour

The first module of the training on the job focused on the scientific approach to cultural heritage.

During the four days of activities, that took place between 15-19 March, the participants of Albanian Universities and institution partners of the project, had the chance to understand the functioning of a Diagnostic Laboratory for cultural heritage.

Thanks to a virtual tour the professors Mariangela Vandini and Sara Fiorentino of The University of Bologna presented the Diagnostic Laboratory, the research activities conducted and the technologies and the equipment of the Lab.

After the Laboratory introduction, the participants were involved into the procedures to analyse the state of conservation of cultural heritage.

Therefore, the main investigation techniques, aimed at analysing material compositions of the cultural heritage were introduced.

Subsequently, case studies have been presented in detail to understand how the analytic approach is oriented to provide answers to scientific expertsโ€™ requests.

In conclusion the training analysed the identification of a risk management plan of Cultural heritage, in the framework of international and European standards and requirements.

Credits: Cover foto di Chokniti Khongchum