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In parallel to the study visit of REACH staff in Pontevedra, a meeting at the Galician Regional Government was held where the representatives of Albanian Ministry of Education and Sport, together with representatives of Escola Superior de Conservación e Restauración de Bens Culturais de Galicia (ESCRBBCCG) met Mr. Xose Maria Lopez Carretero, General Subdirector fo Continous Learning, Arts, Foreign Languages and Sports the Regional Government of Galicia, Ms. Raquel Gonzales Garcia, Head of Continuous Learning and Special Disciplines Education  and Ms. Maria Luz Ares Fadiňo, contact point for Erasmus + at Regional Galician Government.

The meeting aimed at outlining the structure of higher education in Spain and Galicia and the role of both central and regional governments in Spain in licensing, accreditation, funding and management processes of study programs. The amount of hours dedicated to practice and laboratories, student/professor ratio, and many other topics were also discussed to confront Albanian and Spanish study programs.

The main goal of the visit for the Albanian Ministry representatives Ingrit Jushi e Nadire Pilavi -respectively Head of Administration of Higher Education and Scientific Research Unit and Expert at Drafting and Harmonization of regulatory acts Unit-, was to gather information in order to explore good practices for updating guidelines on study programs in the field of restauration and conservation of cultural heritage.